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Star Ritika Badiani, Jitendra Kumar /
user Ratings 7,9 of 10 /
Drama /
director Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann /
country India

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It’s a very simple small town roadside story
A chic comes to this town and all the roadside Romeos are behind her
I have given 5 stars only for Jitu
His expressions are mind blowing he will be the top most actor in this village boy league
Should had made hilarious as the story is just stuck to one topic
The director could had showed a lot
But a simple one.

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I think like Ayushman, Jitu may develop distinct choice for scripts. Having born and brought up in a village and having many friends of all caste and class, this does give a feeling of reality. Many teenage love stories of teens with class difference have such fate.
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